Voiceover Demo Reel






WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF TOM DEREK! If you have a minute, you're invited to check out Tom's dramatic speed demo reel above - just click the arrow at left to launch - then wander over to the Spin Room and view his recent Emmy-worthy performance clip from CRIMINAL MINDS – it might make you laugh, it might make you cry and it might just make you say “WHAT THE F_ _ _!!”

Tom's raw energy and unpredictable blend of charm, menace and humor is on full display and it’s generating a lot of heat in sunny South Florida! His charismatic tough-guys, authority figures and sociopaths combine a dangerous edge with a uniquely vulnerable, sympathetic appeal. He plays good guys and bad guys with equal versatility and the result's compelling and very exciting to watch! Thanks for stopping by and ENJOY THE SHOW.