I recently did a "reverse Tony Curtis" - returning to my roots in Central Europe - instead of what my "sister," the legendary Hollywood actor Tony Curtis aka "Bernard Schwartz" did, when he moved from Budapest to the the Bronx as a child.  I was introducted to Tony through a mutual friend when I was living in L.A. and we had a memorable conversation one day.  We spoke about our both coming from Hungary, having the same last name (Schwartz) and sharing the family's acting genes.  I said: "Hey Tony, you know, we could be related."  He said "Yeah - we could be sisters!"

Budapest is a gorgeous city and I'm really looking forward to adding some "fresh blood" to Europe's talent pool - really shaking things up in casting sessions on 'the Continent.'  I've taken a little hiatus from the "Biz" in recent years helping family, but acting's a passion, and like riding a bike - it all comes back to you, once you get on.  Anywho, check out my performance clip from my last gig in Hollywood.  It's a 2011 episode of CRIMINAL MINDS where I played the role of Chief William Cole. It was an incredible show and I made some great friends, especially series star Joe Mantegna, a wonderful guy who, as you can see in the Photos gallery, literally took me under his wings! The episode's titled "Painless" and deals with a high school shooting spree, ala Columbine.

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